Selma Residential HVAC Service

Avoid the common temptation of DIY Selma residential HVAC repair and servicing. At Riteway Service Co., we receive numerous calls on HVAC repairs gone wrong. Here are a few reasons why you should stick with a pro for Selma residential HVAC service, repair, and installation.

  • The risk of high-voltage: HVAC systems use high-voltage and operate at peak capacity. There is always a risk of electrocution if you do not have the right safety gear. Besides putting yourself at risk, there is also a risk of sparking, burning wires, and other types of damage. HVAC system components are interconnected and short-circuit on one component can damage the entire unit, leading to costlier Selma residential HVAC repair.
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals: The refrigerants used in HVAC systems are toxic. Other than the health risk from exposure to harmful chemicals, these highly-poisonous chemicals are also bad for the environment when improperly disposed. At Riteway Service Co., we have the tools, equipment, and safety gear needed to properly handle these chemicals during residential HVAC repair in Selma TX.
  • Loss of service warranties and insurance coverage: All manufacturers expect that HVAC service, installation, and repairs will be done by a licensed professional. If you do the job yourself, you will void the warranty. Note homeowner insurers also expect a professional to do residential HVAC service in Selma TX and there is a risk you may not get compensated in case of damage resulting from DIY repairs or service.
  • Damage to gas lines: Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show that 48% of American homes use natural gas for heating. If you use natural gas, call a professional for Selma residential HVAC service, repair, and installation because natural gas is highly flammable.
  • Code compliance: Compliance with local and state codes is a must when installing an HVAC unit. We understand Texas and local codes and our over 30 years of experience means we know the best units and settings for Texas, where to get them, and how and when to carry out residential HVAC service in Selma TX.

Did you know you actually save money when you hire a pro for residential HVAC repair in Selma TX? This is because you do not have to buy all the safety gear, tools, equipment, and supplies needed for the job. Our technicians do not work on commission, meaning they will not rush the Selma residential HVAC service. Another reason to come to us is that we give guarantees on labor for both installations and repairs.